The Best and Most Ideal Bangkok Hotel Near BTS station

Bangkok clinches the top spot as the undisputed haven on earth. With a staggering growth and total visitors standing at 22.78 million in 2019, it is no wonder that it is the most visited city in the world. There is just so much to offer in Bangkok and every corner is basically a spectacle that could easily disorientate and drown any tourist attempting to get the most out of it.

Before travelers set out on their paths to experience Bangkok, two prime aspects should always be first handled with great scrutiny before arrival- accommodation and transportation. With so much information to look through, locations to choose from and the mode of transportation which speaks convenience, these two vital aspects when taken care of earlier on will not only put your mind at ease, but to thoroughly enjoy and ensure an overall satisfaction during your stay.

Hotel Near BTS Is The Most Popular Choice in Bangkok Nowadays

‘Bangkok hotel near BTS’ is one of the most searched phrase and we could understand why it is so. Bangkok Mass Transit System or commonly known as BTS is one of the most used medium of transportation in Bangkok as it provides the ultimate convenience and comfort to travelers. Its large spiraling network of BTS stations throughout Bangkok appeals to visitors and locals heading to various destinations. Kudos to the Ministry of Transportation in Thailand for its planning to expand the network further that would soon stretch out to outbound, facilitating more travelers that intend to travel further. It also saves travelers’ time especially during rush hours when traffic congestion on the road could really be a major headache.

Hotel Indigo Bangkok Wireless Road Is Strategically Located

One of the most ideal hotel to stay while in Bangkok would undoubtedly be Indigo Hotel. The location of the hotel and its close proximity to two main BTS stations sealed the first deal while the ultimate comfort that Indigo Hotel stands to offer completes the search. At a quick glance, it boasts great reviews and strong ratings from travelers that have experienced a pleasurable stay with the establishment.

Located at the center of downtown Bangkok, this unique and vibrant boutique hotel has it all and does it all. It is merely a 5-8 minutes’ walk to 2 BTS skytrain station, while being surrounded by 200 restaurants and 23 places of attraction within a 500 meters radius from the hotel. With this in mind, the peripheral comfort already surpass many hotels at secluded locations that may or may not even be safe for travelers, not to mention at times when you are just too tired to travel far after a few days into your vacation that you just would like to have a great massage and just chill around your hotel.

In the context of a great hotel, minute details do count. An infinity pool and fitness centre placed at the rooftop offers spectacular view and it makes a perfect spot for observation at the top of a city that almost never sleeps. The infusion of locally inspired artwork with modern designs really brings the charm of the hotel to life. Even the view from each of the guest rooms are breath-taking enough to shackle any creatures of comfort for hours. To sum it all up, Indigo Hotel definitely captivates anyone looking for a place to stay that is near to the BTS station in the ever lovely City of Angels, also known as Bangkok.