Moon and Wine Series

Experience the notes of biodynamic wines, inspired by six key days of the year at our CHAR MOON + WINE series. Created organically to follow a holistic and spiritual approach, these wines are farmed when the moon travels through four phases of zodiac sign constellations which are fruit, flower, leaf and root. 

It is believed that consuming wine during these auspicious stages are said to affect the wine notes as more exuberant tastes are revealed on fruit and flower days, while leaf and root days are known to be more reserved. 

To create a unique experience for our diners and chance to drink wine during these unique full moon transitions, we have curated a seasonal seven-course menu, complemented with biodynamic wines for a unique dining experience at CHAR Restaurant.  

Event Details 

•    Dates: Saturday, 14th September
                 Thursday, 17th October
                 Tuesday, 12th November
•    Venue: CHAR Restaurant
•    Price: THB 3,400 ++ per person